Haiku Photography


An exploration of simple forms, minimalist compositions, traces, textures, relationships and encounters, but above all atmospheres. This whole series is composed in 6 volumes, each with a different approach either in colour, composition or motif. Each volume contains also one or two Haiku poems (Not all featured here).

Vol. 1 Dark Series


night is upon us.
the nest will be ready soon;
he is standing there.


Vol. 2 Bright Series


at the other side
the fly is also resting;
sleep reduplicates.


Vol. 3 Nature's Pencil


a bright day was gone
but the canvas remains there;
nature paint herself


Vol. 4 The Green Veil


when she dropped the ink bottle a lake appeared
this is where I live


Vol. 5 Autumn Leaves


Agitation on the water;
Raindrops move their world
And here along with them – you.


Vol. 6 Last Journey


How does something appear when it is disappearing?