About this series


The idea of this photography series on the concept of “Merging” (Verschmelzung) emerged through the awareness of the different places in which photography and painting forgather, places where we are invited to put aside the conceptions of photography as a means to copy reality. It is an invitation to lose control over visibility.

Through blurring, fading, overexposure, dissolving, deceleration, reduction or disappearing of features we discover new realities where objects and figures are free to create their own rules. For me, this freedom is paradoxical, because it primarily has nothing to do with individuality but with the voluntary desire of becoming other and one at the same time. Here the human world and the world of things are free to connect with each other. Mirroring, shadows, defocus, dissolution of forms, contours, and surfaces, together with a little of coincidence and indeterminacy, all these played an important role.