Dr. Carlos Idrobo

Philosopher, Art Historian, Psychologist, Artist

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Art History at the University of Turku, Finland

research foci

Philosophical Hermeneutics

German Romantic Landscape Painting

Nineteenth century art histories

Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Phrónesis)

Narrative Construction of Identity

Art-based Research (Photography and Performance of Walking)


Postdoctoral research (2021-2023)

Hermeneutics of Walking

Walking as Motif, Practice and Reception Strategy in Contemporary Arts, with special consideration of Finnish Art

Project funded by the Koneen Säätiö  (Kone Foundation), Finland

Research article (2020-2021)

Walking between Time, Memory and Oblivion
The Walking/Photography of Jouku Leskelä, Juha Suonpää and Jari Silomäki

Article funded by the Börje ja Dagmar Söderholmin rahasto / Valokuvataiteen Museo Helsinki

Liikkuvuuden rajat - konkreettinen ja kuviteltu liikkuvuus pitkällä 1800-luvulla /

Mobility limits: concrete and imagined mobility in the long-nineteenth century

Research group project (2020-2021)

University of Jyväskylä, Finland


Project funded by the Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto (Wihuri Foundation), Finland

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Das, was von uns weggeht - Abwesenheit, Zeit und das Wandermotiv in der deutschen Kunst des 19. Jahrhunderts (PhD Dissertation, 2017 - German only)

English Title: He who walks away from us - Absence, Time, and the motif of the Wanderer in the 19th-Century German art

Project funded by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung, Düsseldorf, Germany and the Stibeth Stipendium DAAD.


This project in Art History, with an underlying philosophical approach, deals with the motif of the wanderer in specific works of five different artists of the German speaking 19th-Century: Caspar David Friedrich, Carl Gustav Carus, Carl Spitzweg, Moritz von Schwind and Arnold Böcklin. By choosing only wanderers portrayed as rear-view figures {Rückenfiguren} I argue that this particular depiction reveals a paradigm of appearing in disappearing, which entails different experiences of absence and temporality.

Introducción a la interpretación heideggeriana de la phrónesis aristotélica (2008, Master Thesis - Spanish only)

English Title: Introduction to the Heideggerian interpretation of the Aristotelian Phronesis

Problemas en la construcción narrativa de la identidad (2004, Thesis in Psychology studies - Spanish only)

English Title: Problems in the narrative construction of identity