Official Website of Dr Carlos Idrobo, a.k.a. Luca. Colombian-Finnish Philosopher, Art Historian, Psychologist, and Visual Artist.

Upcoming activities (lectures, exhibitions, events)

  • 13-14 June 2024, INHA, Galerie Colbert, Paris, France. Lecture: "Losing Horizon: Paradigms of (Anti-)Narrativity and (Un)Walkable Landscapes in nineteenth-century European Painting." International conference 'Peinture d’histoire, peinture à histoires ? Procédés narratifs dans la peinture européenne du XIXe siècle / History painting, painting stories? Narrative processes in 19th century European painting'. In-person participation confirmed.
  • 5-7 September 2024, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. Lecture: 'Cinematic Walking Kinaesthetics: Display, Performance and Reception of a Movement in Classical Hollywood Cinema.' International conference 'Thinking (in) Motion – Comics and Film'. In-person participation confirmed.
  • 16-18 October 2024, University of Porto, Portugal. Lecture/Practice Sharing: 'Walking Drawing Kinaesthetics between Art and Science.' International Conference 'Drawing Across x Along x Between University Borders.' In-person participation confirmed.
  • 28 November - 22 December 2024, DRAW Space, Sydney, Australia. Group Show. My piece: 'Love Letters to Walking Art and Science' (Photography and Drawing). In-person participation not confirmed yet.
  • 27 January - 12 February 2025, Galleria Monio, Tuusula, Finland. Art Exhibition. My piece: 'Stable Stories' (Photography).